Montucky Cold Snacks | 8% Back Pledge

Since inception, Montucky Cold Snacks has given 8% of all profits back to local causes. We are proud to support the communities who support us. 8% of profits generated from Montana stay in Montana, as with all of our markets.

Here's how we give back. 

Donate Our Dollas Campaign

By the power of our kick ass partnership with InPact and the magical graces of the internet universe, you can send one of our dollas to a charity of your choosing,  in real time! Our cash, you choose where it goes. It's simple! 

Straight Cash Donations

In addition to the Donate Our Dollas Campaign, we donate straight cash to organizations that reach out to us! Often times, this is in the form of a sponsorship or in combination with an in-kind donation.

In-Kind Donations

Yeehaw! Our favorite way to give. In-kind donations come in the form of Cold Snacks + Swag. We love donating this way because it helps us maximize our impact! We could donate $1,000 to an organization, which is still freaking awesome. But, say we donate $1,000 in Cold Snacks, that beer could then be *sold by the non-profit and turned into $3,500-$4,000!

*State Law Dependent