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What does montucky mean? 

Montucky Cold Snacks derives its name from the slang term for Montana, Montucky. Simply put, it refers to the backwoods and rural areas of the state. Cold Snacks is a tongue and cheek way of referring to beer; i.e. ‘Lets go crack into some Cold Snacks.’

Montucky Job openings? 

Unfortunately, our squad is filled up at the moment.

Where are montucky cold snacks brewed?

MCS is brewed in Wisconsin because it was the only way the banks would let us start a light lager. We are competing with large domestic lagers, so we had to partner with a contract brewer. We are based out of Bozeman, Montana and always have been. Our goal is to bring some of our operations in state, but more importantly, the idea of MCS was not only to make a beer, but to support our communities by giving 8% back to charities, as well as celebrating the fun, active, outdoor lifestyle that encompasses the Montanan way of living.


Montucky cold snacks nutrition information

Per 16 oz Cold Snack |~4.1% ABV | 136 Calories | 6.6g Carbohydrates | 1g Protein | 0g Fat |

Are montucky cold snacks gluten free?

Montucky Cold Snacks has been tested and shown to be less than 2.5 ppm*, however, the FDA does not recognize any currently available gluten tests as reliable for fermented products and as such we are not able to say we are gluten-free as our ingredients do contain gluten, though most of that gluten is undetectable (at least via current tests) in the final product. *Samples are analyzed following MWL FO 064 and employs the use of ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay).

Are montucky cold snacks vegan friendly?

Hell yeah we are!

No magical unicorns harmed during the process.